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Insurance Fraud is a Felony

Examples of Fraud include:

  • Change dates to accommodate a patient’s benefits
  • Waive co-payments and deductibles
  • Change a procedure code to a “covered” service

Willful Neglect is NOT a Defense:

  • Healthcare fraud doesn’t need to be intentional to be prosecuted
  • Auxiliaries are NOT exempt from prosecution
  • Insurance fraud is a felony punishable by extensive fines and/or incarceration

A SnapShot is a limited, virtual look into your practice that will help uncover areas of clinical and financial risk.

Let the “Fraud Finder” bring you peace of mind

  • Accurate treatment planning
  • Accurate “set complete”
  • Complete diagnostics
  • Proper documentation
  • Adjunctive services
  • Payment posting
  • Proper adjustments
  • Accurate insurance breakdowns

Happy dental team

Dentists and teams have so many things on their priority list day to day!

The most of which is delivering comfortable and ideal clinical care.

Almost always, as a second and third priority is cash flow and keeping a qualified, happy dental team. Rarely does a dentist have compliance, fraud or improper insurance coding as a #1 concern…..that is…until they realize the amount of money lost monthly due to not focusing on Theresa’s areas of expertise.

Run, don’t walk to her nearest webinar, workshop or seminar. Or invite Theresa in for a private evaluation/workshop that can recoup your losses.

It’s never too late to correct years old inefficiencies, not to mention avoiding fines for non compliance.

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Theresa Sheppard is truly passionate about what she does. She wants to ensure that every dentist is profitable and protected. Her “Snapshots Prevent Mugshots” assessment does just that. Theresa will inform you of any improper coding & billing to mitigate risk from fraud and fines. In addition, she has proven to consistently find anywhere from $2k-10k worth of missed revenue.

I highly recommend Theresa!

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