skill enhancement

crown and bridge

A cracked tooth gets worse until it is beyond repair… so does an untrained team

The demands placed on dental practices have increased- and while clinical quality can not be compromised, efficiency in both clinical and administrative areas can always be enhanced.

When you work with Theresa Sheppard Solutions, you will be working with experienced dental professionals that are dedicated to helping you optimize the clinical and financial health of your practice.

What is your team not doing that is costing you time and money? There is no need to disrupt your schedule to attend a “training seminar”. Whether your team members need to learn new skills, or polish existing ones, Theresa Sheppard Solutions will come into your office and deliver personalized, hands on training. Team members learn best when they are in their own environment and can put their new skills to immediate use.

Our skill enhancement coaching services include but are not limited to:

  • Chairside Assisting ~ Case Presentations
  • Laboratory Procedures ~ Hygiene / Recare Systems
  • Radiography ~ Telephone Technique
  • Infection Control ~ Proper Scheduling
  • Sterilization Area Set-Up ~ Insurance Billing
  • Operatory Set-Ups ~ Payment Posting
  • Supply Inventory & Ordering ~ AR Tracking/Collections
  • Maintenance and Procedure Logs ~ Financial Policies
  • Documentation ~ Effective Patient Communication

Your investment is commensurate with the level of coaching you desire. You are not locked into a long term contract. You are in control of how little or how much coaching meets your needs.

Our customized recommendations are based on your vision and goals for your practice.

Contact Theresa Sheppard for a complimentary, no obligation consultation.